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 - Gear Crafting / Make Holy Gear

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PostSubject: - Gear Crafting / Make Holy Gear   Mon Jun 08, 2009 11:21 pm

Teh Crafting Very Happy



How To Make Holy Gear!

Ok, here is a brief guide to making Holy Equipments (Deity Gear)

To get started you need to decide what kind of equip you wish to make. For this guide I chose shoe.
Next you will need to level your forge skill up to level 11 Artisan.
To do this follow these steps.
Firstly, go to the forge master in demon square and choose the skill you are going to be.

Next you will need to obtain redeem points to buy ores. This can be done various ways. From Crab pit, from Thief Quest, Heralds quest, Guild Manager, etc.
Next you need to exchange the points for ores. Just exchange for small ores and nothing else. To do this, go to the Redeem Steward in Woodlinger.

All done? Ok. Off you go to Wood weapon shop and fill rest of your inv with +1 equips of the skill you chose. Might be a good idea to take a mule or two along with you to fill with equips and save a few journeys.
Then return to the forge master in demon. There is another npc at the side of him called Smith Helper.
Talk to him and select the option to forge. Give him 1 equip and 1 ore.
Well done, you just forged your 1st item. Look in your inv. You will now see you have a +2 equip.
Talk to the Master and you can check your points. The points seem to be random. I’m not going to try guessing the range, but usually you will get between 20-45 points per forge. Forging higher level items and using higher grade ores does not seem to affect the points reward. So stick to +1 equips and small ores.
Right, that’s the basics. Now repeat these steps many times over till you have received enough points to become a level 11 artisan.
Also, don’t forget to go sell the +2 equips you make to recoup some gold. You can do this at many of the buyers. I used the one at the bank, but that was mainly cause I had my ores stored there.
Ok, level 11 Artisan? Lets move on then.

Now before you start you will need the following items to make a level 1 holy equip.
1x Super dragon stone. These can be gained from Duan Quest or if your Guild gains control of a mine you can get lots of them.
2 x perfect Carnelians (5 is better, explained later), Gained from Star warriors or from events.
1 x+10 blank equip, some gold. 100k minimum.

Now you have your forge skill at level 11 Artisan you need to make a blank +10 equip. There are a couple of ways of doing this. Easiest way is to buy a +5 from the convenience store and then upgrade at Smith Helper using corals. Other than that you will need to use the correct ores for each level of equip. (Shown at bottom)
Once you have obtained your +10 equip it time to go wood again. Look for the workshop near the pet market. Go inside and you will see 3 npcs. One sells ssps. 1 upgrades Carnelians. And the 1 in middle is our Holy gear maker, the Holy Enchanter.
The stuff seller on the right of the room is used to upgrade flawed carnelians to perfects should you not have any. You need a gem and 2 flawed for this.

Talk to the Holy Enchanter to bring up a menu.

Select to refine a Holy gear.
And you will get this Gear Menu box opening.

Place your +10 equip in the top box. Place the SDS in the 1st box beneath it. Place a perfect Carnelian in the 2nd box.
Select confirm and the numbers will spin. When finished you will now have a +1 Holy Gear. It will change race by random by the way.
Next you can refine it.
To do this select to refine from Holy Enchanter and you will get the gear box again.
Place the +1 Holy in the top box and then place at least 1 perfect carnelian in the box directly below. Now as stated above you may wish to take more. If you have them place 3 more so that you now have 1x Holy and 4 x perfect Carnelians in the boxes of the Gear Box.
Select confirm.
The numbers will spin again and when finished you will have added resistance to your holy.
This process does not change the race of the gear like previous.

Ok all done. Well not quite.
There are a few more things you need to know or do.
First let’s upgrade the gear to a level 2 Holy.
To do this, repeat the process to make a +1 holy but instead of using a +10, use your +1 Holy.
Afterwards, any resist is lost and the race may have changed again. You can now add resist as previous or upgrade to a +3 holy repeating the initial steps again.
If at +3 you have the race you want and correct gender. Then gratz you lucky ****er. If not there are two things you can do. 1 is to start all over again and hope you get lucky. Or you can use a big diamond. These are a mall item only and come in bags of 10. Choose the correct option form the Holy Enchanter and place Holy Equip in top box and 1 big diamond below.
Select confirm, and it will work its stuff and change the race/gender for you. Again, this is random and may take various tries.

Here are a few examples of some Holy Equips and the benefits and resistances etc.
Credit goes to 1moretime, for the weapons.



Ore Requirements

Forge Skill Points

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- Gear Crafting / Make Holy Gear
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