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 - Leveling

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Level 6 - 21

Well, you could try to do this on your own, but that would take an extremely long amount of time. Go to the revive arena, ask for a new horizon, you'll find one eventually. A new horizon is there to level you, take this opprotunity to be powerleveled. You get 4000 exp and 200 talent points per battle, which is good, especially since that talent points will be tedious to gain until you become a new horizon yourself, but I'll explain this later on in the guide.

A new horizon is a high level player is there solely to help and level you.

Level 21 - 30

Know that guy called stonesmith? (167,353) Woodlingor. Yeah him, go to him, and do his quests. First, you'll be doing Animal Scales 3 times, after getting 8 scales in Southern Rivage go back to him and collect your 150k of exp, or 100k, somewhere around there. After doing this 3 times, you're on Lava Crystals in Badlands, if you wanna get there quick go to Desert City then tele into the Badlands, but it gets costly if you don't have much cash. After you've done this 3 times, you're on Lost Items, this is just in Bone Desert outside of Desert City so no more losing 800gold per teleport, yey! You can only do this up to level 30, which brings us too...

Level 30-50

Now that your level 30 you can finally do HB which gives u around 10k-80k exp ,make/join a party at wood ,you will usually see a couple of level 30-49 there making a party of HB,if your leading a party,its better if you have tears as people likes a party with tears,besides HB and if your level 30 you should go to Tum 2-3 that can be entered by the teleporter at blython ,and if your lvl 40 you could go to tum 4/5 or Flamingor at the top of desert city:)

Level 50-60

CONGRATULATIONS! Now that your level 50,get ur III and IV skills,you just need 2 cents and 2 mage/borg and you will get your skills easy, as drow is easier then mythwar 1
,after you got your skills you can now do wood def,make a party just like HB at wood ,once you have a full party find for defender that can be found on the top of the revive arena teleporter and below of the armory shop and there is not any good spot for you to train till you are 60:)

Level 60-70

Now that you are lvl 60,it will be faster to level up:) Again,go to wood and create a party for Bly def ,if you cant find members for bly def at wood , you could go to bly it self and find for members ,bly def is easier then wood def but i recommend you to get 1 cent and 3 mages/borg and again theres no good spot for level 60 to train at

Level 70-90

It's time for you to do Seal,make a good party full of mages and cents as they do quite high damamge,and the exp is still the same as wood def but just bear with it till your lvl 90 and if you have convienece store you could do drow x5 and there is a good spot for you to train at which is demon lair 1-2 with x2 exp:)

Level 90+

Guild quest! ;D



adding later
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- Leveling
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