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 - Moneymaking

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PostSubject: - Moneymaking   Mon Jun 08, 2009 10:21 pm


1# Survival

- Needs a party

Firstly let me say that I offer anyone in need of some gold to be included in my survival party, which consists of me, FMK, face and kirbalite so just ask us for free survival if were on. We can get you 60k in a few minutes per go, and we can do it for as long as you want. This is available to any member of the guild, our way of saying thank you. ^_^ Basically in this you battle round after round of enemies until you stop the quest, the more rounds you go through the more gold you get at the end. The enemies get increasingly harder.

2# Duan

- Solo

By far the easiest and best way to get gold, I highly recommend this quest to newbies. More info on this quest can be found here:

CLICK ME Very Happy

3# Thieves Quest

- Solo but can be done in a party (dont bother its easy)

Another pretty easy quest, start it by going into the Bar in woodlingor, talk to Bar Waitress at the back. At then end you will receive a bonus of 350 redeem points for the first 10 times you do this quest (so do it 10 times a day) you can trade these points in at the Redeem Steward in woodlinger for gold or other things, I get 560,000 a day when I did this quest.
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- Moneymaking
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