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 - Talent Quest (Get Skill Points)

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PostSubject: - Talent Quest (Get Skill Points)   Mon Jun 08, 2009 5:37 pm

Talent Points:

Well, honestly, you should have been plvl'd by a New Horizon to 21, because that covers a lot of TP that's needed. But of course, that won't be enough to get you by, because by 50, you want to have at least something maxed out, if not a I and II of a skill (e.g. Heal I & II for a Cent, or Chaos I & II for a Hummy). This is where Mokka comes in. You remember him right, the guy with the retarded disciple who couldn't hang onto his sword in the Revive Arena? Well, this yields a low 250 talent points per sword you find, now to speed it up a bit, stick around the disciple and each time you find a sword, tell that retard that you want to drop the quest, the start it back again, so you don't have to run back and forth from Disciple to Mokka. But don't forget, Mokka yields double Talent Points at certain times on weekends, and if you add in a double-talent scroll from the Mall Promoter you're looking at 1000 talent points per sword!

You have an alternative though, if you are in a guild. Now to go mining in Desert City, first go to the Teleporter (20,90) and teleport into the mine. Get a gem-sack and comet shovel from the merchant, and start mining, now while you're finding these L-1 Gems, miners also appear. This miners can yield 4+ gems, but you need L-5, so you gotta work for this. Get a few L-5 gems, through the miner, or combining your L-1 gems into L-2, then L-3, then L-4, then L-5. Go to the guild teleporter in Blython (20,174), go to your guild manager and click on gems for stats. There ya go, you're getting a minimum of 1280 TP, but beware it does cost 1 service point each time, so you will have to do the guild quest a few times.

There is also the escaped criminal quests as well, ranked C-A. C I believe can be started at Level 10, this can be accepted by the Natural Mentor at the Woodlingor Teleport. Though, I recommend you stay with Mokka until 50 because the Talent Points/Min are much greater with that quest. Also, you will not be able to complete these quests on your own, you will need a party.


Soras Notes

Honestly, me and my mates of lvl 55 prefer we do the escaped criminal quest it gives us each 1200 - 2000 talent points pet round. And we can pretty much kill them in a few minutes Smile If you can find a good party doing the quest or you multilog I recommend this.

As for the mokka thing there's a certain period of time (I think 3-4am/pm server time) when talent is doubled. And you can also use a double talent scroll, during this time you will get 1500 talent per mokka. Beforehand you should fill your bank and inventory with mokkas to exploit it the most!
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- Talent Quest (Get Skill Points)
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