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 - Duan Quest

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PostSubject: - Duan Quest   Mon Jun 08, 2009 5:17 pm

Duan Guide

Rounds: 100

Duan It's a very simple quest which consists of going from one Npc to another and completing short tasks:

1) Bring teleport scroll to other NPC- its random which one you need
(you need to have all in your inventory), but its always one of these three:

(All can be bought at Demon Square or Desert City grocery.)

2) Deliver a message - all u need to do is to talk to the other NPC.

3) Kill one of 4 different monsters (all of them are low level and no matter your level you can easily solo them):
Hill Witch - Desert City
Panic Soldier - Sunset Plains
Poison Spider - Sunset Plains
Corpse - Sunset Plains

4) Bring carving knife to other NPC - same as for teleport scroll: you need to have the item in your inventory. Carving knife can be bought at Woodlingor or Demon Square grocery.

5) Bring any other stuff to other NPC - in your inventory appears Black Crystal(you need to have free slot in your inventory). All you need to do now is to talk to the other NPC.

6) There's special kind of Duan round too: NPC asks you to talk to the other NPC with +XX same/different sex companion. In this case you need to party (as a leader) some other character level +XX (NOT your lvl +XX!) and in this party talk to the NPC. You get bonus reward of 1-4x the current round reward, and the one who party you has chance of obtaining Last Casanova scroll.

Duan quest rewards increase gradually from 1,000 for 1st round up to 30,000 for 100th round. Total amount of cash from all 100 rounds is 1,500,000

Duan NPC Locations: (Don't forget that by pressing 'Tab' you can open minimap, which helps you find exact coordinates.)
Duan - Demon Square (55, 198)
Deren - Demon Square (181, 228)
Kalan - Demon Square (125, 283)
Gaolui - Demon Square (208,329)
Enbe - Woodlingor (212, 259)
Langce - Woodlingor Bank (she is BIG she is PINK you cant miss her)
Mora - Woodlingor Weaponry
Bull - Woodlingor Bar
Samas - Blython Trading Zone
Banke - Blython Weaponry
Egam - Blython Stuff Shop
Nakle - Snow Ridge (32,40)
Pangke - Snow Ridge (75, 110)
Laige - Snow Ridge (14, 118)
Forsen - Revive Arena (46, 108)
Bakle - Desert City (84, 204)
Karen - Desert City (175, 140)
Dalya - Desert City (119,66)
Picca - Desert City (215.87)
Eddy - Sunset plain (132, 153)


Soras Notes:

If you don't like survivor or your a newbie this is easily the BEST way to earn a lot of gold.

Tip: Get lots of blank teleportation scrolls and use them next to NPCs you have to travel to get too, this way when you get a round that asks you to go to the same NPC, instead of walking use the teleport scroll. Then set another scroll and repeat the process this makes it A LOT faster!
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- Duan Quest
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