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 - Drowcrusher

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PostSubject: - Drowcrusher   Mon Jun 08, 2009 5:09 pm

The Drowcrusher quest is a lot easier than in MW1 so much so at team of decent lvl50s stands a good chance of winning. Even without a human!!

That's not to say he's easy, this will be a hard battle if you have a team of lvl50s with no human. :0

Instead you should get help from the world or the guild.


Firstly go to Drow (he's in Cursed Abyse) Go to Demon Square and find Drow click him and he'll tell you what item hes looking for.

It will be an item at lvl5 you can't buy these in shops however you should have an item in your bank called 'convenience Store' (you get it free, its a newbie gift you get at mall promoter) you can buy it in there!

Make sure you have the item, to start the battle just give the item to Drow.


Race Quest Item
Male Human +5 Male Human Armour
Female Human +5 Female Human Armor
Male Centaur +5 Male Centaur Shoe
Female Centaur +5 Female Centaur Armor
Male Mage +5 Male Mage Armor
Female Mage +5 Female Mage Helm
Male Borg +5 Male Borg Weapon
Female Borg +5 Female Borg Weapon


Rewards and Tips
The reward for this quest is of course Skills III and IV for those who have got the Skill Quest.
However there are few other rewards. For those helping players get their skills, will be rewarded with a Carrying Feather which can be exchanged for Contribution Points.
Players below level 100 will get 150,000 EXP per a daily battle of for a helping player getting Skills, but players above level 100 will get 300 Talnet Points (300) for a Drow.

Tips: try using at least 1 Mage for the Fight that will be much faster, and using a Human for chaos the Drowcrusher is quite useful.
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- Drowcrusher
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