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 - Gems/Armour Resistance

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PostSubject: - Gems/Armour Resistance   Tue Jun 09, 2009 1:51 am

Gems/Armour Resistance


Armour such as helm, weapon, shoe, and body armour can all have gems/diamonds imbued into them. Depending on what gems you choose to have is up to you, different gems give difference bonuses/resistance which I will talk about later, also the higher grade/level of gem the more bonus/resistance it will give. For example if you decide to put a grade 10 gem into your armour it will give it +10 resistance/bonus. Most gems can be turned into diamonds, these are put into weapons and shoes. The following guide will tell you what each gem gives, which gems can be turned into diamonds and advice on which gems you should choose.

You can add a maximum of 3 gems/diamonds to any one piece of equipment.

In woodlingor there's a building called Lapidarist Shop. There are 3 NPCs in there:

Gen Infuser - This guy puts the gems and diamonds into your stuff (max 3 gems per one piece of equipment)

Gem Converter - Converts gems into diamonds, diamonds can not be turned back into gems!

Gem Rookie - If you bring him 2 of the same grade gem (example 2 grade 5 fire gems) he can try and make a higher grade gem. (a grade 6 gem) However the success rate depend on the grade of the gem, the lower the grade the lower the chance of success, if you try to get to lvl1 gems and make a lvl2 gem the success rate is only about 20-30%. But 2 grade 5 gems almost always succeed.


Where do I get these gems?

Well you can either mine for them, go to any mine in MythWar (theres one in Desert city and in Demon Square) talk to the MPC there and buy a pickaxe and a gem bag. Every minute you spend digging (digging doesnt require you to do anything except right clicking the pickaxe and then waiting) you get one gem. Talk to the NPC when your done, bags hold a maximum of 60 gems so basically after an hour stop digging and talk to the NPC. You will get 60 random lvl1 gems in the sack which you can take out.

Also miners come out on ever server and in every mine, these miners drop lvl5/6 gems the success rate is about 15-25%.

Also you can buy them from players, the wood market is usually packed with them.

Soras Tips:

Glimmer Gems (physical resistance) are the best gems. At any given levels you will want/need physical resistance. Make sure to include them!

Fire resistance/ Black Gems are quite good. Fire not only pops up in PVP but a LOT of enemies use Fire skills.
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- Gems/Armour Resistance
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