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 - Character Builds

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PostSubject: - Character Builds   Tue Jun 09, 2009 12:22 am

What should you put your stat points on? Surprised


Stat Builds:

Full Agi


3 Agi 1 Sta

Your job is to hypnotise or chaos enemy monsters. NOT to do damage!!! You need to hit FAST! Before the enemy hits and maybe have some health to boot to keep you alive through the battle.


Stat Builds:

Full Sta


Full Sta every 4 levels, every 5th level put 3 points on Sta and 1 point on Agi

Your job is to heal your teammates, and it always will be. Stay alive and make sure you have good shoes on if you go full sta! You must always aim to be quicker than your teams mages.


Stat Builds:

Full Int


3 Int 1 Sta

Your job is to use those awesome skills you have to hit multiple enemies at once, HARD! Int not only gives up lots more MP it also makes your skills hurt more.


Stat Builds:

Hmm bit more difficult. >_>

3 Str 1 Sta


3 Sta 1 Int

Yeah, the first build is melee build borg build for levelling and general purpose. The second is the build for a draining borg, but to help with boss battles but is useless for general purpose such as levelling but it will make survival and boss battles alive easier. Your call! (I recommend the first build)
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- Character Builds
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