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 - Weekend MW Anniversary Event

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PostSubject: - Weekend MW Anniversary Event   Mon Jun 08, 2009 4:39 pm

Event duration:
3:00am to 5:00am, 10:00am to 12:00noon, 2:00pm to 5:00pm, 8:00pm to 12 midnight
in June 6,7,13,14

Participated by:
Players Level 15+

How to enter:
 1.Ten minutes before the event starts, the Teleporter in Woodlingor (116,114) will teleport all of the entrants to the Festal Treasury.
 2.Entrants must form teams with a minimum of three players to enter the Festal Treasury. For every Treasury Guard successfully defeated each party member will receive 140 honor points. However, should they be lucky enough to defeat a Patron Saint then each member will win up to 400 honor points.
 3.If a member of the team is below level 30 then each party member will be entitled to a 5% bonus on all Honor Points earned by defeating the Treasury Guards or Patron Saints. The use of the Tri-experience Roll will enable each party member to be awarded a 50% bonus as well as the regular number of Honor Points received.
 4.Each Patron Saint has stamina; they will lose one stamina point for every Treasury Guard killed and they will lose 10 stamina points for every Patron Saint defeated. The Patron Saints on higher floors have more starting stamina.
 5.Each entrant has a 1 percent chance of coming face to face with the Super Guards. Should they be strong enough to defeat them then they will experience a fourfold increase in their Honor Points gains for each party member
 6.Once all of the Patron Saints have been successfully defeated then several boxes will appear on the ground. Only the party leaders are allowed to pick up these boxes but all party members are allowed to receive the items hidden inside.
 7.The Festal Treasury is an 8 storey building. As players go up floor by floor, the resistance of the treasure guardians will get fiercer and fiercer. However, the worth of the prizes will also increase accordingly.
 8.When all of the Patron Saints in the Festal Treasury have been killed, entrants may go to the Bless Fairy to receive 10000 Honor Points and can then start the whole process over again from the 1st floor.
 9.Whenever a new round begins in the Festal Treasury fight all parties will start their fight on whichever floor they stopped at in the last round.
 10.During the event period, entrants also have the opportunity to send their best wishes to IGG every half hour and win a special gift.

Honor Points can be exchanged for gifts at Luna's Palace. Gifts include Saint Pets, Deity Beasts and many other highly coveted gear sets.


Soras Notes:

Well worth the trouble. Get into a party and battle the Ghost Warrior type monsters, they are not too hard but they do use drain -_- Which drains your MP. Honor points can be exchanged for a lot of things at Luna Palace which is a building in Woodlingor.
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- Weekend MW Anniversary Event
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